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How Do I Know If My Braces Are Working?

How Do I Know If My Braces Are Working?If you are experiencing a difference in the function of your braces, such as a loose brace or bracket, don’t worry. Allen Orthontics can provide you with the best orthodontic care near Westboro, ON and other surrounding towns, and will quickly be able to help you fix the problem. Dr. Scott Allen and our staff work hard to ensure that all of our patients are provided with the appropriate, gentle and affordable dental care you need to solve any orthodontic problem. We will also be able to offer you with the information you need to help prevent your braces from breaking in the future to give you a straight and beautiful smile you’re looking for.

Today, braces are more comfortable and less noticeable than they have been in past years. They are made with three basic parts—a bracket, a bonding mechanism or band, and an archwire—that help with improving the development of your teeth, bite and jaw.

What can cause harm to my braces?

  • Hard candies

  • Chewing on ice

  • Gum, gummies, and other hard or sticky substances

  • Injury to the face

There are several factors that can ultimately cause damage to your braces. Stay safe, and always be aware of what foods and candies you can avoid in taking better dental care of your braces back at home. Remember that sticky substances such as gum and hard candies can cause your braces damage to either the brackets or the wires in your mouth. When you are first adjusting to your braces, stay proactive in keeping them safe by sticking with a softer diet. Not only will this keep your braces safe, but it will improve your oral health.

Ways to avoid braces pain:

  • Create a softer food diet (i.e. pasta, soups, mashed potatoes, and yogurt)

  • Rinse with warm salt water 2-3 times a day

  • Take a proper over the counter pain medication for pain relief

If braces are new to you, it’s normal to feel discomfort in and around your mouth. This means that the alignment of your teeth and jaw are improving. Over the counter pain medication may help to alleviate some of the pain after your orthodontic appointment. However, if you continue to experience severe pain in the function your teeth, mouth or jaw, call us immediately so we can find the right treatment for you and your pain.

Some signs that your braces need to be fixed:

  • Loose or missing bracket

  • Broken or loose wire

  • Severe discomfort or pain in your teeth, mouth, and jaw

Don’t wait till your next appointment to fix your braces. If you think you’re experiencing a problem with your braces, waiting for your next appointment with us may do more harm than good to the progress of straightening your smile. If you have any questions with how your braces are working, call us at Allen Orthodontics near Westboro, ON, at 613-228-4000. We will talk to you and be able to set up our next available appointment if necessary for you to see Dr. Scott Allen to correct any problems.